We will be making available here various resources that people might find helpful in exploring Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. Please feel free to copy and share them; However, PLEASE only copy and share them in their complete form. If you have suggestions for improvements, or stories about how the resources have been useful for you, please email them to us.



This form was developed as a way of taking notes during a first session and guiding you systematically through the major parts of a Solution-Focused first session.

It is two pages, designed to fit on two sides of an A4 sheet.

NOTE that this form was developed a few years ago. Back then, we were still beginning sessions with some version of "What brings you here?" (which is really just another way of asking "What's the problem?"). More recently, we have appreciated the difference generated by beginning with some version of "How will you know that talking to me today has been useful?". The form has been changed quickly to reflect this development. Please email us and suggest how the form should be revised to incorporate this development even more.

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The journal Family Therapy Case Studies was published by Eastwood Family Therapy Centre (Michael Durrant's earlier venture) in the 1980s and 1990s. It was later called Case Studies in Brief and Family Therapy. The journal contained case studies, and other papers, that illustrated various therapy aspects and applications.

We have been encouraged to make papers from the journal available for people to download.

NOTE that the journal was NOT specifically Solution-Focused in its content, but represented the broader range that might be considered the "Interactional Brief Therapy Approaches" — Ericksonian. MRI Brief Therapy as well as Solution-Focused —  and that some of the articles represent a "snap-shot" of the particular authors' practice at that particular time in their development. Nonetheless, we hope these may be of interest.

The articles are available here, as PDF files, with the authors' permission, for which we thank them.